California County Fleet Managers Association

Welcome to the California County Fleet Managers' Association website. This site is designed to enable visitors to access general information and resources and to allow you to contact Board Members. The site enables our members to contact each other to share some of their best practices, ideas and strategies that are critical to successfully managing publicly owned vehicle and equipment fleets.

These are difficult times for all of California and its Counties, as well as the entire nation. In the public sector, budget cuts, furloughs, reduced staffing, and lay-offs have become commonplace. Although our workload has not lessened because of the economic situation, we are asked to do more with less, and often the fleet budget is an easy place for administrators to make cuts, or worse, "borrow" money from. Adding to the stress is the fact that we public sector employees are now under fire from the media and others for our supposed lavish salaries and benefits, and our lack of creativity in fixing a problem that we did not create! Let's face it - it is times like these that make an organization such as CCFMA truly valuable.

Even though it may seem you are facing these troubles alone, you are not. All of your colleagues in the fleet business throughout the state, at state, county, and city levels, are facing the same challenges. However, although we all face the same challenges and problems, everyone has different ideas and strategies on how to overcome them. CCFMA gives the professional public sector fleet manager an opportunity to discuss issues with their peers, and work together to solve common problems. This is done through periodic meetings, email strings, and phone calls. CCFMA members are more than willing to lend their expertise and opinion to any other member - and they are uniquely qualified to do so because we are all part of the great state of California's County government system!

CCFMA has recently opened up membership to California cities as well. Although they may be structured slightly different, the basics are generally the same, and our fleet management colleagues in California cities and towns face the same challenges every day that we do. We welcome all California cities, towns, and counties to become part of our group. If you are a fleet professional in a California town, city, or county, please contact me or any of the Board members about joining CCFMA. The tiny investment is more than made up for by the "brain trust" you will have access to - you will also have access to RFPs, consultant studies, spreadsheets, etc. Just about any data that CCFMA member counties have, they are willing to share with other members; after all, why "reinvent the wheel" if you don't have to?

If you are a member of CCFMA, now is the time to really make a contribution to the organization - help your colleagues out, or ask for help if you need it. For those of you that are not yet members - JOIN! The benefits truly do outweigh the costs!

Please e-mail any ideas, suggestions and items for placement on the website to Information at CCFMA.


  • CALSTART and co-host Google, will be hosting an event on Tuesday, July 31st at Google Headquarters entitled:  Workplace Charging:  Filling a Critical Infrastructure Gap.  For more information, click here


Updated 07-11-12   

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